I just got home from three inspiring weeks on tour in Spain and France! Our time in Spain was jam-packed with concerts and workshops coordinated by an amazing organization called Galicia Fiddle. We made new friends, ate PULPO (octopus!!), and learned new tunes from Santiago to Barcelona! France was equally magical with workshops in a Breton language institute and a real CASTLE.

Now that I'm home, I'm gearing up to workshop new material with my trio for our New England tour in November and to prepare for recording at Lakewind Studios in Cape Breton in January. I'm VERY excited to announce that one of my biggest heroes, Wendy MacIsaac, will be producing the album! Be sure to get your tickets to Club Passim on Nov. 8 to hear some of our new material for the first time. Also, be on the lookout for CD pre-orders through Kickstarter in early January!

In the meantime, catch me playing in some unique collaborations with Eamon Sefton on guitar at the Saltwater Celtic Music Festival and with Wendy MacIsaac on piano at the Canadian-American Club.

Can't wait to see you around!