Boston States CD Release!!!

October=cray-cray. With a CD release tour, a contradance weekend, fiddle workshops in Maryland and New's gonna be insane.

Check out the dates on the SHOWS page and come hang at a CD release party. Before its nationwide/online release on October 21, you can join us at one of our CD release shows up and down the east coast: Burlington, VT—Hillsdale, NY—Philadelphia, PA—Washington DC—Brooklyn, NY—Belfast, ME—Epsom, NH—Somerville, MAYou have 8 opportunities so...that's all I'm gonna say. I'll be short and to the point tonight because I have to build a new website and do some laundry and eat some toast and maybe somewhere in there I'll eventually go to bed.

OH. Almost forgot. Our INTREPID pianist Neil has started a RAD new podcast called TradCafe that comes out every Wednesday. You need to check out right now. Go on, click on the link. I'll just wait here...
Oh, you're back! Isn't it great? Our amazing producer Wendy MacIsaac was featured last week and I heard a rumor that cellist Natalie Haas is this week's guest :)

See you at one of our CD release shows somewhere on the EAST COAST!

p.s. More details later, but in November there's Fiddle Hell and Childsplay (our documentary just got syndicated to PBS so watch out for that!)