December 2014

Iím sitting on the bus driving up through beautiful and snowy northern Vermont on my way to a weekend of ceilidhs and a rehearsal for a new project Iím excited to be a part of. Itís going to be a bagpipe-centric group, focused on pipe tunes and being spear-headed by Iain MacHarg, a fantastic piper from Vermont. Look out for announcements about our debut in 2015!

At the beginning of January, Iíll be involved in another new collaboration; Neil Pearlman and I will be teaming up with Natalie Haas and Yann Falquet for a weekend of New England shows. Weíre all super excited to debut this double-duo extravaganza and are busy preparing new sets of Scottish, Quebecois, Galician, and original tunes.

One more exciting piece of news is that I was featured on the cover of Fiddler Magazine's winter issue this year. It was a huge honor to have an article written about me and a massive surprise to be the covergirl! My tune Lillian's Reel was published alongside the article and you can pick up a copy of the magazine at your local violin shop.

This month, catch me at some sessions and dances close to home. Happy holidays to all! -Katie